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Gravelly Range

ABOUT MONTANA, Big Sky Country

FOR WORLD-CLASS RECREATION. Montana has it all: hunting for elk, mule deer, whitetails, antelope, bear, moose, and mountain goat, big horn sheep, mountain lion; fishing for browns, rainbows, and graylings; magnificent skiing; exceptional golf; wonderful hiking trails, motorcycling, rodeo, water sports, backpacking, horseback riding, mountain biking and so much more.

FOR OUTSTANDING SCENIC BEAUTY. From the Rocky Mountains, with their sky-tickling peaks, fertile pine valleys, and majestic views, to numerous wilderness areas preserving their natural state for generations to come, Montana abounds with natural resources. Add to it two outstanding National Parks, Yellowstone and Glacier, and you can see why Montana occupies a special place in God’s creation.

Gravelly Range
Gravelly Range

FOR A WEALTH OF COLORFUL HISTORY. Follow the route Lewis and Clark forged through this gorgeous state and discover numerous ghost towns, old mining towns, and historical sites along the way. A past full of adventure, individualism, and intrigue awaits.

FOR GREAT PEOPLE. In Montana, a person’s word and a handshake still have value. You can even call a government office in Helena...and reach a live person who cares. Many visitors are enchanted by the quality of people and their laid-back, less complicated way of life. Although Montanans are independent people, the saying “good neighbors are your most precious asset” still holds true. Montanans make good neighbors. Family values are high, and communities emulate high spirit and involvement, especially around sports and schools. Yet due to long winters and lower incomes, the state remains sparsely populated. Today there are less than a million wonderful residents.

IF YOU WANT TO MOVE TO MONTANA... I say, come on. We welcome you. Montana’s a fantastic place. If you’ve got a way to make a living or you’re retired, there’s no better place to do it than right here. There’s a whole lot of nothing! No traffic, no people, no stress.

Pony, MT
Pony, MT

The best things in Montana...are what money can’t buy.


  1. Montana became a state in 1889.
  2. Montana is the fourth largest state: total square miles are approximately 147,046.
  3. Maximum mileage is 560 miles, east to west, and 321 miles, north to south.
  4. Montana’s Montana’s 2010 census population was 989,415 – that’s 6.7 people per square mile! In 2012, the state passed 1,000,000. Compare that to 217 people per square mile in California!
  5. Per square mile in Montana, there are 1.4 elk, 3.3 deer, and 896 catchable fish.
  6. Montana contains 1500 lakes, plus 32,000 miles of rivers and streams.
  7. Farmers irrigate 2,000,000+ acres of irrigated cropland.
  8. Madison Valley Alfalfa Field
    Madison Valley Alfalfa Field
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  9. There are over 25,000,000 acres of public domain land.
  10. Its home to seven Federally-designated Indian Reservations. Learn more about these rich strongholds of Native American heritage at
  11. Major economies are: agriculture, livestock ranching, timber, mining, tourism, recreation, service industry, and retirement.
  12. Montana has one area code (406) for the entire state.

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MONTANA GEOGRAPHY: Three major geographical regions

  1. THE WESTERN THIRD. Made up of mountains and valleys, this region receives the most moisture and snow, and produces the majority of marketable timber. Popular for its recreational opportunities, plentiful big game, clear mountain streams, and beautiful scenery, the majority of the state’s population is found here. People are willing to pay higher real estate prices for its unique beauty and opportunities.
  2. THE CENTRAL THIRD. Largely made up of foothills and an abundance of excellent grass and soil, this region supports most of the state’s livestock and farming operations. The population begins to decrease in this region and the land values are generally more affordable. Generally speaking, the further from the mountains, the less expensive the land.
  3. Varney Bridge
    Varney Bridge
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  4. THE EASTERN THIRD. Generally flat and with a unique landscape and beauty of its own, this region also supports livestock and grain farming. The eastern region tends to be subject to more drought conditions than the other regions of Montana. The population is sparse, causing the price of land and homes to be more reasonable.


  1. SALES TAX: Montana has no sales tax. The state is funded primarily by a state income tax, real property and personal property taxes, and vehicle licensing.
  2. PROPERTY TAXES: Real property taxes are not based upon the sales price. Individual properties are appraised and taxable valuable determined every six years. Your property’s value is multiplied by a tax rate then multiplied by the mill levy for your area. Who to Contact: Madison County Appraiser, 843-5335.
  3. Sheepherders Wagon, Gravelly Range
    Sheepherders Wagon, Gravelly Range
    Photo ©
  4. INCOME TAXES: Out-of-state residents who own and sell their Montana property are required to file a Montana Income Tax return and declare their gain. Provide your CPA with copies of your settlement statement.
  5. TAX EXEMPTIONS: Tax exemptions may be available for: disabled veterans and non-fossil energy reduction.
  6. TAX PROCESS: Begins with an appraisal of your property. The State requires reappraisal every six years.

Understanding Montana Property Taxes (.pdf)

Govt. Statistics

Big Sky Country
Big Sky Country
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